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Little Dynamo Gymnast Set - Kids Hula Hoop, Ribbon Dancer Wand and Juggling Scar

Little Dynamo Gymnast Set - Kids Hula Hoop, Ribbon Dancer Wand and Juggling Scar


At Little Dynamo we want to inspire a love of play and as a result learning, in all of our children. To get them off their devices and in to the great outdoors. Playing individually or as a group, we want them to have a break from the screen time that is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our childrens daily lives.


Our toys are designed with this in mind, and we believe that as adults we should make the conscious effort and decisions to celebrate and develop our childrens imaginations. It has been widely agreed by educators and child psychologists that open ended play has been shown to have a positive impact on the cognitive development of children.


Toys such as a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon or rainbow wands and dancing ribbons, hula hoops and having scarves for kids to play with are all ways in which children can develop their imaginative play and therefore their development. All of our Little Dynamo products are designed with this desire and intention in mind.


Screen time is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our children’s daily lives, we believe making a conscious decision to celebrate and develop the child’s imagination is more important than ever.


Imaginative play with open-ended toys has been shown to have a positive impact on cognitive development in children.


    THE COMPLETE LITTLE GYMNASTS SET - Complete the kids outdoor play equipment with our gorgeous little gymnast set. Our Ribbon dancer wand, Juggling scarves and adjustable hoola hoop will keep your Little Dynamo active for hours on end. Play with friends or on their own, the sky is the limit.


    ADJUSTABLE HULA HOOP - Made to suit all ages and all sizes, and easy to put together and store - hula hoops, hoola hoops - whichever way you spell it, spells hours of fun and is sure to keep your little one off the devices.


    5 DANCE SCARVES or JUGGLING SCARVES - Bright assorted colours, easy to clean and super light weight. Our set comes with 5 play scarves for toddlers or older kids seeking to perfect their magic tricks. Use as musical scarves, scarves for dancing, or as dress up accessories. They suit play gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics or doll blankets, or to throw on with an outfit or on their favourite backpack... the options are too many to name!


    RAINBOW RIBBON WAND - Our 2 meter (6.5ft) long ribbon wands or dance ribbons are easy to store and lightweight, so you can bring them anywhere and play anytime. Dance ribbons for kids encourage active and imaginative play. Be mesmerised as you watch your little dynamo and their ribbon twirling wand get lost in their own world.


    ENCOURAGE IMAGINATIVE PLAY - At Little Dynamo, we develop products with the waldorf philosphy in mind, to encourage movement and active, open ended play. We truly believe that this kind of play is essential to a childs cognitive development and have designed our toys to inspire creativity, activity and imagination.


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