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Little Dynamo, Toddler Balance Beam and Stepping Stones for Kids, Exclusive Safe

Little Dynamo, Toddler Balance Beam and Stepping Stones for Kids, Exclusive Safe


Looking for an awesome idea for your next kids party? Sick of your kids sitting indoors on their devices? Or are you a teacher looking for a way to develop teamwork and confidence in your students? Bring back the nostalgia of your own childhood and get your kids active and outdoors with friends using our vibrant river stones for kids!



We’ve built our brand based around the active imagination and energy of our toddler son! We can see the leaps and bounds he makes every day, developing his confidence and coordination through play outdoors.


We develop our products based on our research as parents and educators, and try to set ourselves apart in this way.


Our balance stones:

✔ Are the only kid stepping stones available that have safety grips on top

✔ Are reinforced with high traction sticky feet - making them safe for use anywhere, anytime - create an obstacle course on hardwood, linoleum, outdoors, rubber mulch, playground surfaces, or even grass

✔ Come in 3 sizes - 2 x Large, 2 x Medium and 2 X Small (when comparing brands looks closely, some contain inaccurate size information)

✔ Have hollow insides, to allow them to stack when stored

✔ The hollow design doesn’t compromise strength, they can hold 110lbs. (We don’t encourage stepping on stacked balance stepping stones, however)

✔ Access to our website which includes numerous game ideas


Challenging a child’s balance and coordination helps build a solid foundation and sets your Little Dynamo up for confident play! We believe that active play with gross motor toys for kids is the best way to grow social and motor skills and to build confidence - not to mention it's super fun! We love to make sure children can play and enjoy the outdoors to avoid the distraction of devices!


Click ADD TO CART for your Little Dynamo to experience the fun of our balance stones for kids!


    Non-Slip Foot Grips - Exclusive to Little Dynamo, unmatched by any other company. Designed for all-weather, non-slip play. No shoes required, just your imagination!


    High Quality, Smart Design - Though hollow, these riverstones are heavy duty and can handle up to 220lbs. Stack them together for super-quick, convenient and space-saving storage.


    6 Stones, 3 Different Sizes - There's no limit to the number of creative games your ninja warrior can play - varying steepness of stones allows for development of balance and co-ordination (2 x XL, 2 x M and 2 x S stones).


    Glued To The Devices? - No More! The versatility of these balance beam for kids is endless - birthday party games, as preschool gymnastics equipment, color identification games, kids obstacle course challenge - let their imaginations run wild and put those devices away!



    Your Satisfaction, Our Priority - Little Dynamo was inspired by our toddler son’s boundless energy. We see everyday how regular active play is building his social confidence, creativity motor skills! We want our products to change the way you play, and we're always here to help. For returns and refunds please do so via Amazon. 


    Our products are fulfilled by Amazon, so will we shipped out to you ASAP and all postage is included in the cost price. 

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